Let us organize your medical event, webinar and conference, head to toe.

Managing an event is no easy task, from planning to execution; everything needs to be flawless. With a track record of managing projects with fine details, you can count on our experience of managing your events. From coordinating with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), communicating with 3rd party support agencies, to developing event collaterals (both physical and digital materials), we will handle all thus ensuring your event will run as smooth as possible.

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Ways we can help you

We aim to assist you with your event planning and execution, so that your program goes without hitch from start to end. You can expect no more worries, and no more headaches! Let us think of the finer details for you. Below are some of the ways we can help you with your events:

Before your event

  • Planning the Event
  • Proposing Event Names
  • Surveying Event Locations
  • Engaging and Coordinating with KOLs and Support Agencies
  • Designing Event Logo and Collaterals (e.g. printed and/or e-invitations, programme booklets, brochures, banners, digital materials)
  • Serving as Contact Person for Queries
  • Development of Speaker Brief and Technical Briefing Documents
  • Developing and Designing Housekeeping Slides and Presentation Slides
  • Liaising with KOLs on Presentation Content
  • Coordinating Online Events Between Multiple Parties
  • Assistance with Pre-Event Recordings
  • Support During Event Dry Run

During your event

  • On-site Attendance
  • Assistance with Participant Registration
  • Organising Event Flow
  • Event Recording
  • Serving as Contact Person for Assistance during Event
  • Coordinating Meals and Refreshments

After your event

  • Organising Content Generated During Event (Presentations, Video Footages, Photos, etc.)
  • Report, Minutes and Highlights Write-up
  • Event Video Development
  • Dissemination of Event Video or Event Material
  • Updating Website and Social Media with Event Highlights
  • Payment of Honoraria to KOLs
  • Sending Personalised Thank You Messages to KOLs/Participants

The type of medical events we cover

We at Mediconnexions Consulting cover both in-person and virtual events, whether they are private meetings or international events with participants attending from different countries spanning across multiple time zones. Share with us your event details and we will work on it; ensuring it is a successful one.

Advisory Board Meeting


Workshop programme


Key Opinion Leader (KOL) management

Comprehensive Medical Event, Webinar & Conference Organizer in Malaysia

Mediconnexions Consulting provides comprehensive services in organising and managing medical events taking place in different cities and states in Malaysia, as well as virtual medical webinars taking place across different countries and time zones.

We have participated in medical events held in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Terengganu and Kelantan, and assisted with organising virtual medical events with expert leaders and participants attending from Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Spain, United States, Philippines and more!

Our management services provide you with ideas on how to execute your medical event in Malaysia, support you in making major decisions, assist with producing the collaterals you need (both physical and digital materials), and connect you with the right people to perform the tasks. In short, we listen to your needs and help you make your vision a reality, from start to end.

Medical Event, Webinar & Conference Organizer Q & A's

Below are a few quick Q & A's regarding the medical event and webinar organising services.

Q1. How to organise an event or webinar for medical care professionals in Malaysia?

  • First, you need to plan the event agenda, and select a day and time for your event.
  • Next, determine the invitees to your event. They may be the key opinion leaders (KOLs) in a particular field of expertise.
  • Prepare and send out your invites, whether digital or printed.
  • Sort out any agreements and contracts with the KOLs, if required.
  • Prepare a briefing document to brief the KOLs on their tasks, if any.
  • Promote your event to the relevant healthcare professionals.
  • Prepare the presentation content, landing page and housekeeping announcement slides.
  • Prepare a registration platform for attendees to register for your event.
  • For physical medical events, book your venue and any equipment you may need. You may also need to coordinate accommodations and transport for KOLs and your company's personnel.
  • For online medical events, you would need to set up the meeting platform and send out the meeting link. Perform a test run prior to the actual event in order to ensure the event runs smoothly.
  • Ensure you have the technical support you need before (e.g. pre-event recordings and event dry runs), during (e.g. live event recording and Q & A session) and after the day of the event (e.g. video or survey development, to name a few).
  • Enjoy your event!

Q2. What are the things to keep in mind when planning your medical events and webinars?

  • Set your objectives for the event.
  • Determine your budget.
  • Set a detailed checklist for organising your medical event/webinar and its deadlines.
  • Check out your planned venue beforehand.
  • Test out your online platform.
  • Divide tasks so that each of your team members has specific responsibilities.
  • Ensure that your team knows who to contact for problems or emergencies.

Q3. What are the benefits of hiring an expert medical event or webinar organiser?

  • An expert medical event organiser has the knowledge and capability to plan for and manage a medical event.
  • This saves you a lot of time and effort, and helps you solve the problems you may face when planning and executing your medical event.
  • They may also bring to light any issues you may not have noticed and offer solutions to rectify them early on.
  • When planning an event is not exactly one's forte, it is comforting to have an expert organiser in charge. You may leave the event planning to the expert and focus your energy and strengths on other aspects that require your attention instead!
  • An expert medical event organiser helps you stay organised so you may oversee the progress of the planning more objectively.
  • They can manage the smaller tasks and details, freeing you to focus on larger responsibilities and decision-making.
  • An expert medical event organiser can also work within your set requirements and help you stay within your budget.

Q4. What are the costs of hiring a medical event organiser in Malaysia?

  • This depends on the nature of the event you are looking to organise. Naturally, different events vary in the extent of involvement required of the medical event organiser.
  • Contact your prospective medical event organiser and talk to them about your medical event or webinar. Your prospective medical event organiser will be able to provide you with a quote befitting the services you require.
  • Make the first move, and contact your medical event organiser today!

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us.

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As a creative agency, our talented team of writers and graphic designers work closely with our clients and channel our full support to help improve their marketing and business strategy. Besides providing medical writing services, we also turn big ideas into creative advertising and attractive marketing campaigns.


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We know the magnitude of planning and coordinating required for executing an event. Load off the responsibilities of managing the fine details of your event to us.

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At Mediconnexions Consulting, we provide a wide range of top-quality medical writing services to meet our clients’ needs, regardless of the size of the project. Majority of our clients are medical societies or major pharmaceutical, nutrition or cosmeceutical companies from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, Japan and Philippines.​

We grow as our partners grow, because our collaborative engagements have allowed us to extend our capabilities.

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