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The era of digital business is taking off in the current technological world. Transform your business approach from traditional to digital, by adopting the available digital technologies to communicate to your target consumers and clients. The digital approach adds value to your business model by enhancing your client's experience in their connection to your company. Mediconnexions Consulting can help you make the digital transition seamlessly with our expertise and creativity in producing digital collaterals. Ask us anything, we will provide you a clear picture of the materials you may need, and strive to make your vision possible.

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Approach your clients digitally

Digital tools have made approaching target consumers and clients convenient and easy. Develop your information and marketing materials and disseminate them by personalised e-mails, specific links, WhatsApp messages and downloadable materials through your webpages. Furthermore, impress your clients and consumers with in-person presentations using catchy e-detailing aids on your preferred tablet and platform. Choose to reach your target clients digitally and efficiently, all at your fingertips!

Remote approach

  • Personalised e-mail
  • Shared link
  • WhatsApp message
  • Downloadable content on webpage
  • Phone apps

In-person approach

  • Tablet presentation

Our range of digital materials

We are experienced in content writing and production of a variety of digital tools, each of them uniquely meeting different needs according to what you would like to communicate to your clients. Our portfolio of digital materials include:

Online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module




E-detailing aid—Veeva/MI platforms

E-leave behind materials


Digital advertisements

Website banners

E-Blitz presentations

App development

Medical Digital Marketing Agency Services Q & A's

Q1. How does a medical digital marketing agency in Malaysia cater to the specific needs of the healthcare industry?

Our highly qualified writers not only have profound expertise in the medical healthcare industry, but also have a way in words for engaging content creation.

Q2. What are the main benefits of using a consultant for medical digital marketing instead of handling it in-house?

Let us handle the creative process and the associated challenges for you, allowing you to conserve both time and resources to concentrate on your core activities and priorities. With over a decade of expertise and a commitment to staying current with the latest trends and technologies, we offer deep expertise that gives you peace of mind when outsourcing your work.

Q3. Do you offer a wide range of digital services, from website creation to patient outreach?

We do provide a wide range of digital services including videos, emailers, whatsapp gifs, detailing aids in html, social media posts etc. Reach out to us and we will provide a portfolio presentation.

Our Services

At Mediconnexions Consulting, we offer a wide range of integrated medical marketing and communication services. We have a 10-year history of working with our partners in the health and pharmaceutical industry by preparing their marketing tools and scientific documentations.

Medical Writing

We support local medical societies, health organisations and healthcare professionals (such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists) with medical writing services which involve the creation and production of printed or digital medical educational contents.

Creative Services

As a creative agency, our talented team of writers and graphic designers work closely with our clients and channel our full support to help improve their marketing and business strategy. Besides providing medical writing services, we also turn big ideas into creative advertising and attractive marketing campaigns.


Copywriting is a vital component of a brand or marketing campaign. A well-crafted copy is a good advertising investment as it helps clients to grab their customer’s precious attention and convey a smooth sales message which will ultimately help them achieve their business goals and increase their profits.

Digital Services

The era of digital business is taking off in the current technological world. Transform your business approach from traditional to digital, by adopting the available digital technologies to communicate to your target consumers and clients.

Event Management

We know the magnitude of planning and coordinating required for executing an event. Load off the responsibilities of managing the fine details of your event to us.

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Brands That Chose Us

At Mediconnexions Consulting, we provide a wide range of top-quality medical writing services to meet our clients’ needs, regardless of the size of the project. Majority of our clients are medical societies or major pharmaceutical, nutrition or cosmeceutical companies from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, Japan and Philippines.​

We grow as our partners grow, because our collaborative engagements have allowed us to extend our capabilities.

If it is important to your brand, we are writing about it.

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