About Us

We provide medical communication services which include preparing document or scientific material that meets the clients’ specific needs and requirements, complies with the Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia (PhAMA) regulations and clients’ internal guidelines, and is specifically tailored to the target audience. We also coordinate and manage our clients’ communications project and provide consulting services whereby we advise our clients on the best possible way to reach their customers, save cost/resources and maximise their business potential.

Mediconnexions Consulting’s mission is to provide the best solutions and tools to educate healthcare professionals and the public on healthcare/nutrition-related topics. 

To achieve this mission, we are a team of industry-trained professionals who are creative, pragmatic, dedicated to medical or health sciences and fully based in Malaysia to leverage on, and to differentiate ourselves.

People and Expertise

Our passion runs deep. We craft and tailor-make our work according to our partners’ needs. Every marketing solution we develop is an amalgamation of our dynamic team’s multiple expertise.

Professional Client Servicing 

Health & Medical Writers

Graphic Designers & Medical Illustrators

Certified / Experienced Programmers & Videographers

Medical Translators

Our Values

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”

- Albert Einstein



Improvement & Innovation

Our Promise

We win when you win!




We help you to acquire smart solutions and to reach your goals

Brands That Chose Us

At Mediconnexions Consulting, we provide a wide range of top-quality medical writing services to meet our clients’ needs, regardless of the size of the project. Majority of our clients are medical societies or major pharmaceutical, nutrition or cosmeceutical companies from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, Japan and Philippines.​

We grow as our partners grow, because our collaborative engagements have allowed us to extend our capabilities.

If it is important to your brand, we are writing about it.

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