Creative Agency Services

As a creative agency, our talented team of writers and graphic designers work closely with our clients and channel our full support to help improve their marketing and business strategy. Besides providing medical writing services, we also turn big ideas into creative advertising and attractive marketing campaigns.

We integrate our creative ideas with our clients’ business goals and help them create their promotional or advertorial materials (either in prints or digital platforms) and customised brand reminders (such as marketing items/gifts). Keeping in mind that a brand should leave a strong impression to its customers, we assist our clients in building their brands by providing creative services which involve logo design and tagline creation. In addition, we help our clients stand out from their competitors through unique, exclusive blitz or launch campaign strategy that is specifically tailored to their target market, in order to leave a lasting impression.

Our In-house Medical Creative Designers

Our in-house designers specialise in producing creative and visually appealing designs and drawings for a broad range of materials/products such as event invitation cards, exhibition booths, marketing wobblers, websites, posters, buntings and slide presentation templates. Our creative team has also worked with our clients to create interactive and fun event games (both online and in-person games) that helped to boost their brands’ engagement and provide dynamic interactions between our clients and their customers. In addition, our e-material development and distribution services allow our clients to reach a wide audience base instantaneously. We provide marketing video production services whereby we create video content with creative storytelling and eye-catching visuals and animation, to help convey our clients’ message to their consumers. We offer a full range of services beginning from the pre-production (e.g. storyboard writing, scheduling and logistics), production (e.g. videography and voice recording) right up until the post-production (e.g. video editing) stages. In addition, we also provide GIF production services, encompassing from idea formation according to the desired message, GIF animation and production, until its distribution to the target audience. We are proud to call ourselves a one-stop creative agency, in which we are able to offer the required services and advice right from idea conception up until the execution.

Our past creative projects include:

Promotional or Advertorial Materials

Blitz or Campaing Ideation and Strategy

Logo and Booth Design

Games for Events or Marketing Materials, Online and Offline

Video Production and Animation

Web Content

E-mail Marketing

Event Invitation Cards


Customized Items

We are always looking towards expanding our creative capabilities and adding various types of materials to our projects repertoire. Is your desired material type not in our list of past projects above? Would like to know if we can bring your idea into fruition?

Do contact us to inquire about any new ideas for your creative material and we will bring the solution to you.